Hunting & Dancing with Hounds

New Funny Farm content coming soon. But after a busy weekend, I can only proffer up a few pixs and captions.

On Saturday Brynn hunted untethered — “off the leash,” as she likes to say. In other words, without any speed moderation from yours truly.


What does this mean?

It means that I’m dispensable.

I’m still useful when it comes to tacking up the pony, or tightening his girth. I am menial labor.

But in the hunt field, I am a nonessential employee.

Last week, Brynn was frightened to ride down steep slopes and cross creek beds. This week she was blase. Freed from the lead, she announced that I could fall in behind her. “You can stay back there,” she said, gesturing toward Rocky’s tail.

She’s a teenager, embodied in a kindergartener.

Which is impressive and annoying at the same time.


Chatting on the hack home


In the meantime, Hadley is still honing her hound handling skills. Pictured, this isn’t Kennedy, but another effusive hound in the pack.


Dancing with hounds.

Or just bonding.

Either way, it’s a feel-good experience.


(Photos by Karen Kandra & Robert Keller)

Pumpkin Surprise


Remember those rogue pumpkins that Hadley planted along the deck? Well, this afternoon — while I was clattering away on my laptop — those gourds yielded an impromptu activity and a tasty snack.

Want to give it a whirl? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • pumpkins
  • children
  • baseball bat
  • salt
  • butter
  • garlic powder
  • Worcestershire

Directions: Allows kids to beat the pumpkins to smithereens on a mud-free surface. Any club or bat will do; our kids prefer an Easton model.


Next: Should one kid salvage any pumpkin shards… extract seeds, then rinse and boil in salty water. Finally, drench the seeds in a butter/garlic powder/Worcestershire concoction, and bake for 10 to 50 minutes… depending on oven volatility.

I never thought there’d be anything salvageable from the pumpkin carnage I witnessed today.

But the seeds were pretty tasty.

Aside from a little driveway grit.


Yippie! A new toy


“Howdy, folks. Thanks for joining our show. So… what do we have behind door number one? What have our contestants won??”

“That’s right! It’s a brand, new boiler!”


“Not just any boiler. It’s a MegaSteam, oil fired boiler. Fun for the whole family! Forget those mindless TV shows and video games: now the kids can sit in the cellar and watch the boiler… do whatever it does… Imagine listening to those radiators hiss and burble. Not to mention the added benefit: a heated home!”

“Guaranteed years of entertainment!”

..Or until the warranty on parts and labor expires.

Postscript: Last night we took the new boiler for a spin and this morning, awoke to a cold house. The radiators weren’t singing a note. As I write this, the repair/service guy is banging and clanging, and muttering something about air in the line. Apparently, we need a tigerloop.

Already, the toy’s a dud.