Color War


A few weekends ago, Martin and Cayden waged war on the girls.

It was an unprovoked attack; no skirmishes led to the assault. The acquisition of new weapons was reason enough for a military offensive.


“Don’t you dare shoot me with that nerf gun!” I gave Martin my most menacing glare.

But my warning went unheeded. Martin fired the entire cartridge of ammo at me. I ducked in the mudroom as foam bullets whapped the mudroom door and window.

I hunkered down — defenseless — until Brynn produced her own form of weaponry.



We waited until the guys ran out of ammo and stopped to reload. Then we launched a counter attack.



Shortly thereafter, the insurgents agreed to suspend aggressive actions.




Beetle Trivia

Hunters bug

I thought that all of you bug nerds would jump on my July 30th “Name another bug” post, but nary a guess from anyone!

I trolled the internet and came up with a suggestion of my own: the Asian long-horned beetle — an invasive species which looks like this:


But then I consulted my entomology contact (doesn’t everyone have one of those?)

And my source quickly identified the bug in question.

It is not an Asian long-horn.

It’s an eyed click beetle (aka, Eastern-Eyed Click Beetle orĀ AlausĀ oculatus).

This particular species is found all along the Eastern seaboard and the “click” comes from the sound the beetle makes when it snaps its back, flipping itself upright.

As for the eyes? They’re nothing but spots intended to look like eyes… to make the beetle appear larger and more threatening to potential predators.

There you go — more bug trivia, just for you!

PS: Thanks, Hunter. Keep those beetle pictures coming.



Surf and Sand


Last weekend we returned from our annual pilgrimage to Martha’s Vineyard, and I’ll let these photos and captions sum up the highlights. (Stay tuned for a farm-related post tomorrow.)


Kids confined:



Obama’s Vineyard vacation? Presidential presence was far less intrusive this time around.



Maisie stowed away and joined us.



With Crazy Maze and my cousins’ dog, Sally, our crew hiked every morning, exploring varying island terrain.



Some trails were more inviting than others.



Midweek Brynn decreed: manicures for everyone.




In a blink, the trip was over. One final swim. Then goodbye, MV.

Til next year.