Utterly vile

Most parents fret that their toddlers will choke on something like a grape or a chunk of hotdog. Or they’ll swallow something inedible like a penny or a magnet or the top to a magic marker. Something normal.

My kid, on the other hand, went fishing tonight in the litter box and found something that caught her eye. While no one was looking, she taste-tested cat pee generously breaded in litter. I’m still revolved by the incident. But what can you do? Swab her mouth out with a paper towel and move on.

But give me a break already. Can’t I have a normal kid who eats dog food or lint balls?

Damn you Drippy, and your semi-used litter box! Your timing is impeccable.

Shortly after the incident, Hadley chases down her cat snack with Doritos. Bon appetit!

Other kid (the normal one), consuming food typically eaten by humans living in the US
“yea, this burger’s not bad…but i know what would make it taste better….”

And now that everyone’s thoroughly grossed-out, here’s a bonus photo. Think of it as a palate cleanser.

It was a tough night and the high chair was a mess. But with a little quick thinking, problem solved.