A dentistry picture show

Everyone’s been to the dentist this past month. Martin, me, the boy, even the dog (well the vet wears two hats). The last on the list were the horses.

I took a recent afternoon off from both writing and riding for a dentist appointment. Not mine or the kid’s, not even the dog. all had been done. Except the ponies.

Yea, even they get they not-so-pearly whites worked on, but it’s not tartar control and floride treatment.

It’s not exactly and exciting event. the dentist just drives a normal suv type thing and comes with a bucket, a bunch of tools — most of which resemble emory boards on steroids — and a mideivel contraption that holds the horse’s mouth open for obvious reason …

there’s not a lot for me to do, the dentist does all the work. i’m there to make sure the horse don’t stomp on him, or other wise freak out. in the meantime, i shadow him and get a report on who has occulsions –that’s fancy talk for step, waves and other uneven wear on their teeth. he cranks their moutsh open, feels around, and saws back and forth with his glorified emory board and evens them out. it’s a little bit of a challenge, the dentist has a french accent so i actually have to pay attention.

pix here

all you recreational drug userrs, yea, you know who you are…this is what you look like when you’re doin the big leowski, feelin no pain, drivine that magic bus… sorry lame druggie terms.

mingo has his canines chopped w/plyer things. didn’t bother him but it made me winse.

there are some parallels to human dentist visits.
how long has it been -dentist
um i think it’s been ..not sure
it’s been too long. every 12 months. i want to see these horses in 12 months.

our dentist is really good about sending postcards. wonder if he can tack on a little reminder about the bosys.