Book. Cover. Judged.

The search for a pony continues (see past pony post). We don’t need anything talented or even attractive. I’ll take a fugly, homely thing as long as it’s safe, sane and doesn’t eject the kids at warp speed.

That said, I was recently offered a pony who’s “fine to ride” but whose pushy barn manners and naughty behavior have earned him the name “Spawn of Satan.”

Do they just call him Satan for short? SOS? No matter. There’s not a shot in hell I’m sticking my 18 month old on something called Spawn of Satan.

For now, Hadley and Cayden are saddled with Chance who admittedly, is more horse than they need. But despite his past career on the racetrack, Chance has done a fine job carting toddlers who sit like Weeble Wobbles atop his back. He seems to enjoy the escape from real work. So for now, he’ll do.

Oh, and Had? I can excuse the lack of pants and footwear here, but two hands on the reins, okay kid? We ain’t raising no Western riders ’round here.