Partners in Lyme?

When I came across Chance — fresh off Charles Town racetrack in 2003 — I was looking for a cheap, off-the-track Thoroughbred that I could flip and make some cash. You know, put in six months of work, then sell him for twice what I paid for him.

But there was something about his personality that just clicked with me. Frankly, Chance is a little like Martin: easy going, even tempered and laid back. I’d even say a bit lazy. (sorry, martin). But that’s good. Both horse and husband balance out my neurotic side.

Over the years, Chance has certainly commiserated with me. When some women are pregnant, their husbands pack on the sympathy weight. But in my case when I got fat, my horse got fat, too.

(Oct 2005, about 4 days pre-cayden)

Still, I was a little surprised when my vet Liz came to administer the horses’ spring shots today and announced that Chance was looking unusually skinny and little Lymie himself! Could it be that we are both battling the same bug at the same time?

Liz took a blood sample and will wait for the results before starting Chance on medicine (I’m on day 5, and feeling better). But it’s possible that horse & owner will be sharing antibiotics in the not too distant future…

lookin Lymie