Happy Early Anniversary

Yes folks, it’s that time again. Time to sink a wad of cash into another invisible farm improvement.

But I’ll splurge on this luxury item.

We’re pretty attached to running water.

The circuit breaker for the well tripped last week. And when it happened a second time, Martin thought a new spigot was leaking into the well-pump wiring.

But when it kicked off again — the kitchen sink fizzling away to nothing — we called the plumber.

“You need a new well pump,” he said. “Eventually,” he added. “The old one should hold out a little while.”

By “a little while,” I assumed he meant few weeks, maybe a month.

But the pump commit suicide 4 hours later.

That night, the water system suffered a serious bout of indigestion. The pipes whined and groaned and the sink faucet hiccuped and belched up a few bursts of water before the dry heave stage set in.

There wasn’t a thimble of water in the pipes. Forget washing your hands and filling a dixie cup. You couldn’t even rinse a toothbrush.

The plumber arrived the next day and said he could replace the pump for $1600.

For 1,600 bucks, I told Martin, I better see Old Faithful shooting from the sink. I want a geyser that knocks dishes out of my hand. Strips skin off in the shower.

“You’re not going to get that,” Martin said. “You’re going to get you water back. For $1600.”

I watched the plumber extract the blown pump from the ground — a device that looks like a metal tube that somepeople use in barns to heat water. I can’t believe that thing costs the equivalent of a weekend at a swanky hotel and spa.

The upside: water has been restored to the farm. And we don’t have to shop for anniversary gifts.

Now when I flush the toilet or use the sink I say, “hey honey, nice water pump…”