The Feel Good Sandwich

It’s just a thick slab of country ham wedged between a plain-old hamburger bun. Condiments, you’ll have to supply yourself. You’ll have to dress it yourself. and it’s pretty tasty.

But it’s the gittin it that matters, made as a part of a church fundraiser and its’ the journey to teh church (Not far from teh egg farm), DESCRIBE IT. Pass the swirl of castoff household gear that fuels all church yard sales — battered toys, glass candy dishes and bricka back, yard sale donation, glorified junk, discarded paperback, card tables furll of junk, and books adn the people sitting around. no one’s buying but everyone’s chatting and we weave our way to the side fo the church, though the open bilco doors to descend down teh stairs to the cellar (note: I can tell you where I’ll be when teh next twister hits). it is under ground where a pot of chili burbles adn hotdogs will run you $1.25, !.50 with cheese. We down thru bilco doors (note, good to know if a tornado swirls), to the lady selling chili and hotdogs. i hand over a check — donation from our neighbor and take our bag of ham sandwiches.

the sandwiches may not be imressive , but in 3 days there’s only a pile of discared saran wrap.