Look who just wandered into our lives

I’m curious, is there some secret message on our barn that only cats can read that says: give us your tired, your poor, your huddled feline masses….

Martin was at work in his office this evening when he heard a horrible yowling from the barn. He thought that one of our cats was stuck or in pain but when he fumbled for the light, he saw this:

A tiny ball of black and white fur –probably 8 weeks old– with a powerful set of lungs. We don’t know where the little guy (or girl) came from. I called the neighbors and no one reports having a litter of black and white kittens so someone either dumped the kitten at our house or possibly along the road. We’ll never know. He was dry (despite the soggy conditions outdoors) and appears to be in decent shape. He’s just hungry and lonely and very loud.

We considered bringing him in the house or locking him in the Mouse House, but ultimately decided that he’s happiest with company. Spook, who also mysteriously appeared in our barn a year ago, has stepped into the role of foster dad.

Tomorrow we’ll decide what to do with him. Tonight, we’re hanging onto our Friday the 13th black cat.