Wind chill

It may have snowed last week but it’s a wicked wind gusting from the north that ushers in winter and makes me curse the cold. This is just the beginning — the orientation session before the long slog through winter.

and it’s always that first cold gusty day that’s an initiation into the final season. The house seems draftier than ever as the wind slips its fingers through the window crevices and feels aourn indisde. meanwhile our heating flexes its muscles but it has not had time to work out the kinks.the kids’ room is cooking while we’re wrapped in blankets down stairs.

the coldest i’ve ever been was not teetering from a skil lift or what, it was in hte dester. kalgoorlei, a town in teh outhback 9 hours from civilizagtion. summer temps topped out at 120 and as a result, ac was a necssity . heating was not however and winter nights got cold. alarmingly cold.

As soon as hte son went down the house i rented chilled down like fridge. we had two options: got to one of the few pubs witha potbelly stive, crowed aroudn and drink, or drink at home and hoever around a portable kerosene heater. either way, drinking numbed the cold. it did howeve cause one bad sideffect…the bathrooj in this lvely house was a quaisi outhouse…lplumbeing fof course but ditached fro the house, in the back yard of all palces. you own’der , how badly do i have to go to lose my spot at the heater.

bed time was worst. no heat int eh bedroms i slept in sweat pants and two pairs of socks on each hand. when i woke my breath came out in burst of white.

once out of the house we were ifine but hte nights were chilly. and i try to remmeber that as i curse the drafts in our house and wait for the hum of the furnanc to kick in.