More Dog Tales

As a post script to yesterday’s blog entry, this falls under the category of “it could have been worse.”

At least I don’t have a Lab — let’s call her “Chessie” — who requires ACL surgery to the tune of $4,000, followed by three months of physical therapy and rehab.

And I don’t own another Lab — oh, let’s call this one “Tippy” — who recently gnawed through Chessie’s prescription bottle of anti-inflammatory pills and downed her stash.

Because then I’d be frantically calling a canine toxicology expert for a $60 phone consultation, in which I’d learn about toxic dosage and liver failure.

And shortly afterward, I’d be cramming a syringe of peroxide down Tippy’s throat to induce vomiting; then I’d be sifting through a mound of barf to count how many semi-digested pills made a round trip.

And Monday morning I’d be chasing Tippy around with a tupperware container to capture her pee for lab testing.

Thanks Hunter, for trading crazy canine stories when I thought that I was alone in my dog woes. And I’m glad to hear that Tippy’s liver is none the worse for wear.

As for Chessie, have a happy ACL surgery!