A Look Back at Twenty-Oh-Nine

Tis the season for new year’s resolutions. But rather than look ahead, I prefer to glance back on the lessons of ’09, imparted by my youngest who has so rightfully earned her barbaric moniker.

Thanks to Hadley the Barbarian, I now know:

  • Anything is edible.
  • You’re never too young to appreciate shopping at Nordstrom’s.
  • Bath water is delicious.
  • Being mean is fun.
  • In a war of words, use force.
  • Dog food is a tasty breakfast choice or pre-dinner snack, readily available in the kitchen.
  • Cat food ain’t too bad either.
  • Never leave a toddler unattended in a parked car. With a ball-point pen.
  • An arsenal of solvents cannot lift ink from leather car seats.
  • When you find a closed door, open it and walk out.
  • Clothes are overrated.

Happy New Year, everyone!