Summer envy and porch dreams

Remember that day in August? At the Border Collie clinic when we were so hot and sweaty that we wouldn’t venture out of the shade? Do you remember when I said that we should remember this day?”

We’re walking the dog on the drive and Martin is trying to coax me back to sweaty, humid sun-soaked days. But I can’t imagine simpering August heat when I’m being scalded by frigid wind. When my fingers are cracked and split and the cold has soaked into my bones. I’m too busy cursing the dog, who needs to be walked, and the horses who need to be fed. I’m too busy wallowing in misery to conjure up thoughts of oppressive humidity and humming air conditioners.

But eventually, we’ll get to that day. And when that time comes, we’ll have a new porch to escape the heat. The porch project, which I blogged about a few months ago, was finished a while ago. But it’s impossible to celebrate its completion when I’m hovered over a space heater. But one warm day we’ll appreciate it.


And After:

Bring on the wicker furniture and the lemonade…