More canine capers

It’s time for another installment of Hunter’s dogs run amok.

Remember Tipi, of pill-popping fame? And Chessie, the ACL patient? 
When we last left our cast of characters in late December, Hunter was pumping Tipi full of peroxide to induce vomiting, while Chessie was scheduled to go under the knife. 
Fast forward to last weekend and Chessie was in the midst of post-op recovery — restricted to brief, ambling walks while Tip was free to charge ahead.

You only need to glimpse at the picture above to know how this story goes. When Tipi bolted off, Hunter assumed she was pursuing a deer. But then Hunter spied the puffy black creature waddling toward Tipi, its tail in the air. And by then it was too late. The skunk blasted the dog twice.
In a strange way, I like the smell of skunk — it reminds me of summer camp — and occasionally I catch of whiff of skunky road kill near the farm. 
But Hunter informs me that I’ve never smelled it up close and that my road kill skunk is about as potent as a patch of petunias. At close range, latched to a dog’s coat, skunk secretion is “gagging bad.”
Hunter immediately whipped up a bath for Tipi. It seems that the time-honored tomato juice solution only masks the stunning stench. But with a little help from the internet, Hunter invented her own odor-cutting recipe: first, a 10-minute soak in baking soda, peroxide and dish washing soap, followed by a second round of Dawn. Then, a rinse with antiseptic mouthwash (in this case, citrus flavor).
Apparently, the concoction did the trick and Tipi no longer reeks, except at close range.
So dog owners, clip this recipe for your canine cook book. It’s a keeper!