30 Inches of Snow…So far

The last 14 hours have been a series of ups and downs.

Last night, the power cut out and returned a heart-clutching 8 times, but ultimately it hung in there. Before we went to bed — around 1 am — the dog and tractor fell silent. Martin shed his snow gear in the kitchen and announced that a bolt and screw had fallen off the plow attachment.

What followed was a fruitless half-hour searching for the rusty bolt — one bolt — amidst mountains of plowed snow. We gave up around 1:30.

In the morning Martin located replacement parts from another tractor attachment and plowing continued.
I mucked stalls, fed the sheep and cats while the kids took care of themselves. For a long time — alone in the house. Both children survived…a broom did not. The house is littered with bristles.

Martin plowed a narrow passage all the way to the road. But shortly afterward a sand truck got stuck in the road by our drive. To free himself, the driver pushed a six foot-high wall of packed snow into the entrance of our drive. Shortly afterward, the tractor got stuck behind the barn. Big-time stuck.

Midday, I shoveled a paddock gate free, swam through thigh-high snow with an armful of hay, and led the horses out.

Two hours later, Martin dug out the tractor.

I think we’re beaten.