Confession time

Okay, enough beating up on Martin. It’s my turn.

I set the oven on fire last night.

Then unsure what to do, I simply shut the oven door and observed the fire through the window.

When the flames showed no interest in backing down, I phoned Martin in the Mouse House and summoned him to put it out.

While I didn’t photograph the incident, it looked an awful lot like this:

Apparently it’s time to set the oven on “clean” cycle. Except that the knob settings have worn off.

And while we’re on the subject, I also set a toaster oven ablaze in my office 5 years ago. In that case I hurled a coffee pot of water on it until it fizzled into a smoky mass.

Then I made myself scarce.

I’m no longer employed there and since then, the staff relocated to another floor.

But I’m sure the scorch mark that streaks the kitchen wall carries on.