Spring presents for everyone

In light of Mother’s Day, Martin carried on his tradition of plunking new plant life in the ground. This year he surprised me with a new row of blueberries, raspberries and a couple grapevines.

But I wasn’t the only one showered with gifts. No longer must the kids entertain themselves by clambering all over the tractor or slithering out Chitty’s windows and tumbling to the ground.

Well, they still have those options but we hope to lure them toward kid-friendly gear which was installed today.

Martin even bought himself a springtime gift. I think that some guys would consider this bib a form of punishment, but Martin was proud to flaunt it while whipping up dinner.

Heck, even Maisie wasn’t forgotten on this spending spree. After running away yet again, before a dinner party on Sunday, Martin shopped for her as well. I only hope that an underground fence will deter her from bolting down to the river, and hiding in the thicket and poison ivy….