Sounds of the Season

Walk outside on September 2nd and it’s just another hot, humid, sunny day. The bugs are out, the sun is high. For all purposes, it’s hard to tell whether it’s June or August, July of September, unless you’re a farmer trained by the seasons to the sun’s eastward drift, the longer shadows and the approaching autumnal equinox.

When I stand out by the barn, squinting in the sun, sweating and swatting gnats, I can almost trick myself into thinking it’s still June and the whole summer’s stretched before us. Fourth of July, crab feast, beach vacation. But all the sounds on the farm chant again and again that’s summer’s over.
All day long the cicadas sound, in a chirping drone signaling the end of summer. during the day adn the katydids at night…
in the barn a leaky faucet in teh horses.
in th horse flies.