Rain Dance

I did something today that I’ve never done in all of our time living out here:

I threw out hay to the horses in the field.

In September.

That’s how arid it is out here. Normally the fields are lush and green with that last burst of fall growth. But there’s nothing left right now — — just scrubby, cropped weeds and dirt patches where the horses have pawed or pulled up the roots. The back field is a little better since it’s been rested, but it’s supposed to carry the horses until Christmas time. Not likely this year.

But maybe I shouldn’t complain too much. The people who farm the land are the ones with the raw end of the deal. It was a lousy year for corn, according to my hay guy. And the soy beans fields that we pass each day are wilted, burnt and withered. Yet none of the weathermen talk much about drought. What gives?

Here’s hoping for rain on Monday….

soy field