Stink Bug Saga

Martin and I wasted two nights on stink bug eradication — vacuuming them, flushing them, and stuffing them in pledge-soaked baggies — only to have them return again. That’s when I decided it was time to move out.

Or at least pretend like we were moving out.

On a pilgrimage to Target, I purchased several storage containers. And instead of putting the kids’ freshly vacuumed clothes back in their dresser (ie, stink-bug central), I packed their togs in plastic bins with lids. In other words, we’re living out of boxes. Like gypsies.


Our housekeeper also assisted in bug removal efforts. On Tuesday I noticed that the bunny border on the kids’ wall was strangely still. Lately, the rabbits’ eyes have been moving — well, crawling away… on six legs. But on Tuesday –for the first time in ages– the bunnies’ eyes were still, staring serenely from tufts of reedy grass.

Apparently stink bugs didn’t freak out the housekeeper. Not nearly as much as the wolf spiders in the cellar.

What are you going to do about those spiders?” she asked Martin. “They’re right where the children play!

Martin told her he’d take care of them. And we decided not to tell her about Blackie — the snake who returned this weekend to his winter home, between the sump pump and Hadley’s coloring table….