Name our kitten!

Spook’s untimely passing opened up a slot for one more barn cat, so we started shopping around for a kitten in need.

Kittens, however, are a lot like donuts; it’s hard to stop at just one. And two weeks ago, I carted home a pair.

Much to Martin’s dismay, the little fur balls are rocketing around his office for the next few months, until they’re big enough to safely roam the barn and fend for themselves.

Cayden named the male kitten “Toulouse,” after one of the characters from the animated movie Aristocats. It’s a fitting name for a rambunctious black kitten who can’t wait to take on the world, one mouse at a time.

But we’ve struggled to name his orange sister. Martin’s suggestions were straight-up hideous (Tigger, Budda and Nala), while the kids’ selections were ill fitting of a shy female (Orangey and Charlie.)

This is where you come in, my loyal readers. What do you think we should call a rangy, big-eared, orange kitten who’s reserved but sweet?

To date, our cat names have wandered all over the map. From descriptive and direct — like Drippy and Old Kitty — to downright peculiar. Frog, for example, was named by a little girl who first cared for her in kittenhood, and longed for a pet frog.

Come on, readers — I know that you’re lurking out there — and I’m sure you’ll do better than “frog.” Post your suggestions in the comments section of this blog and I’ll select one and be forever in your debt. (Unless you’re local, in which case I’ll buy you a drink and we’ll call it even.)

Offer up a name, otherwise, this poor cat’s going to be called….well….Orange.