Drumroll please

Okay folks, here’s “Olive” and Toulouse.

Poster #2, you can tell your kids that you’re the big winner. Although I bastardized “Olivia” a bit.

Other suggestions I toyed with included Wicket (the Boy would have liked that); Pumpkin (cutesy but tempting); and Lautrec (clever, suggested via email). Martin lobbied for Scrappy (why, I haven’t a clue).

But in the end, I imagined calling the kitten out of the pine trees along the drive — as I often do with Mel and Felix, when they follow us on our dog walks. Or calling the cat at mealtime when she’s out hunting moles in the orchard. Or when she’s dozing beneath the deck in the summer.

And when I imagined calling her, “Olive” sounded just right.

Thanks everyone, for your suggestions!