The Legend of Goat Boy

I wish that I could take credit for these photos, but I mined them from an email of unknown origins.

If we have any black deer around these parts, I’ve never seen one. But there is a white deer — or at least there was. My neighbor nicknamed “Goat Boy.” For years you could of caught a glance at Goat Boy darting out of the woods, or making he way through the hayfields down to the river. He roamed the prime hunting terrain but was spared — at least by the locals around here. It was considered bad luck to shoot him; I hope that held true in other areas. He did produce off spring….was spotted, and escaped being shot since the local hunters considered it bad luck to take him out.
I never saw Goat Boy but I did see one of his offspring a couple of years ago — a young deer with a snow white blanket on her rump.