What would you do?

What would you do if you were on the phone at work and, glancing out the window, noticed your black sheep munching on a plastic grocery bag?

Well, if you are Martin, you’re equipped with a remote phone headset. So you’d dash outside and open the door to Chitty where you’ve parked your Border Collie. Then you’d jump around and motion in panicked sign language — a combination of charades and imaginary origami construction – in the dog’s general direction.

And because you like to anthropomorphize, the dog would look at you as if to say: I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m not getting out of this truck.

So you’d snap your fingers and frantically point at the field. 

And the dog would say: You want me to drive where? 

Then you’d run to the field and throw open the gate.

Now you’re talking Border Collie.

 The dog streaks off like her tail’s on fire and a blob of wool bolts off in a blur, including Blackie the plastic bag-toting sheep.

Fortunately, the dog — not knowing where she’s going or what she should be doing — opts for speed and the sheep tire quickly. Blackie cracks open his mouth to pant and the plastic bag falls free. Martin retrieves it without missing a beat on the phone.

 Just another day at work.