The Father of Invention

It was late one Sunday night — the tail end of a action-packed weekend — and we scraped together a stellar meal from the bare cubards and the empty fridge: hotdogs (without buns), ketchup (got to have your vegetable), and leftover rice for Hadley, and a scoop of loose Cheerios for Cayden. Really, it was a culinary dream. 

and then I discovered that we were out of apple sauce, an absolute house essential since it serves as a vehicle for Brynn’s medicine before meals. Normally we stock cases of it in the cellar and kitchen, but our seemingly endless supply came to an end. Something had to be done.
At that time of night, store options were limited. the closest grocery was 21 minutes, or 14 miles away. An insurmountable drive at the end of a long day. YOu might as well have told us to drive to calirnia. we were both utterly beat.
then martin came up with a notion: 
know pe