Hospital Bound

I had hoped to post a breezy blog entry today — something chipper and cheery about dogs and kittens. But no dice.

After six weeks of periodic antibiotic/steroid treatment to rid Brynn of her pesky cough, her doctors decided to admit her to the hospital. She went in yesterday and is looking at a 2 week stay. There’s nothing funny or farmy about this subject, so I’ll spare everyone a detailed report, but will say that she’s doing well and is relatively happy — as happy as an 8-month old can be when confined to a hospital crib. Tomorrow she’ll undergo a procedure to have a peripherally inserted central catheter (picc) line put in, as well as a bronchoscopy done. Not fun. We’re hoping that she’ll be out at the end of next week.

So the blog may be quiet for the time being, as I’ll be hospital bound or swapping farm duty & kids with Martin. .But I’ll try to post later this week when things settle down. -Jo