Prison Break

We sprung Brynn from the hospital after 7 days — about a week early — with a stylish peripherally inserted central catheter (picc) line installed, and a laundry list of medications. 

As far as we can ascertain, a run-of-the-mill case of bronchiolitis gained entry and decided that her lungs offered a nice winter residency, while a fungus jumped in there to capitalize on the situation. If all goes well, we’ll continue to bombard these squatters with drugs and hopefully her docs will yank the picc line out in a week. Aside from the tubes and tape tucked into her arm, there’s no evidence that she was or is sick. She’s a happy chappy.

picc line

To those who’ve emailed and phoned in recent days, I intended to personally reply but time slipped away. Your words, even the quick “hello,” was appreciated.

In the future, I’m relocating Brynn updates to my facebook page — a site I’ve been loathe to embrace, but am willing to accept. I do not want this blog to decline into a harbor of medical updates or cystic fibrosis factoids.

Though Brynn is a castmate of farm life, I hope to reclaim that which is funny and farmy: unruly kids, livestock, mud, stink bugs, loony dogs and all the host of other oddities who make this blog tick.

Enthralled by “Man vs Food” on the Travel Channel