She’s a Super Freak

My computer is a wasteland for graphic garbage.

our beloved furnace

Among newborn photos, holiday snapshots and panoramic vacation vistas, are a slew of utterly useless images: Martin’s revolting pasta concoction, photos of our furnace (pictures I took while troubleshooting a heating problem over the phone), toy helicopters tangled in hair, and blurred shots of kids in motion.

And with our new flip camera, we’ve amassed a collection of random, unedited video clips… usually of us prompting the kids to re-enact some cute behavior…which they cease to display once the camera starts rolling.

Have I painted a picture for you? We’re talking Mt Everest of photos and video clips. Every so often, I gingerly wade in, deleting and filing. But progress is minimal and new images accumulate.

Occasionally, however, I stumble on something good. Like this video gem.

When or why it was shot, who knows. Did Martin coerce Hadley or was this a spontaneous performance? You got me.

I will say that this display violates the Kevin Bacon/”Footloose” house rule. There is to be no dancing — not for religious reasons — but because Martin and I are rhythm-less and dancing impaired. Judging from Hadley’s performance, the rhythm gene passed her as well.

But she’s not going down without a fight — in an “I’ve got ants in my pants,” sort of way.

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