Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s a coming…

Reheat the previous blog post in the oven; warm at 250; then serve. Again.

Another 2-3 inches of rainfall are scheduled to roll in tomorrow and Thursday. Oh joy.

Sunday’s storm turned our back field into a water feature. It seeped up through the cellar floor and — at times when the wind was just right — puddled through a gap in the roof.

Apparently, we can expect an encore tomorrow.

Speaking of repeat performances, Brynn is back in baby prison at the hospital. Current diagnosis: to be determined. Length of stay: ditto.

I know I said I wouldn’t Brynn-it-up here on the blog but what can I say? This is where I’m at.

Away from mud-covered dogs, leaky roofs and sump pump failures.

Back in the land of needles, monitors and meds.

Brynn, checked in & catching up on Charlie Sheen