Mathematical Equine-ation

Simple math:

Spooky warmblood (horse) has not been ridden in several months. Barely tolerates rider while crazy Border Collie runs up and down side of neighbor’s riding ring, darting between flower boxes beside outdoor ring.

Complex math:

Random six-year-old girl clad in hot-pink polar fleece, streaks across riding ring — in pursuit of manic Border Collie.

Warmblood horse spooks and shies at running girl. Horse places head between front legs and bucks violently, while rider  hangs on for dear life.

This causes Border Collie to run faster — more manically– in response to horse’s irresponsible behavior.

This causes girl in hot-pink fleece to run faster after dog.

Which causes spooking horse to run faster, in fear of girl and dog.

Which causes dog to run faster in response to horse.

Which causes girl to run faster in pursuit of dog.

Repeat several times, until horse and rider surrender to fatigue. Dog and girl collapse, panting, beside ring.

PS: Many hours later, dramatic tendrils of lightening streak the sky. An out-of-season thunderstorm skirts the northern ridge above our farm, offering wonderful light show. Break out the popcorn, prop up feet and enjoy. In bathroom, from behind toilet, manic Border Collie makes the following prediction: “It’s the end of the world. We’re all going to die. This time, I mean it.”