April showers bring…

….mounds of mud and puddles aplenty. Puddles that beckon children like a jingling ice cream truck.

Saturday was punctuated by rain and wind and more rain. Relentless, driving downpours that turned both pastures into temporary lakeland.

But late in the afternoon the waterworks tapered, the wind simmered, and we emerged from hiding.

Hadley was passed out on the couch so Martin shouldered Brynn and we proceeded up the drive with Cayden.

I thought the Boy would jump at the chance to bathe in every murky puddle but he responded to a higher calling: the need to rescue every earthworm stranded on the drive and arrange temporary transport in a pickle jar. And I mean every earthworm…

Of course no perambulation is complete without a convoy of cats. They were undaunted by the next wave of weather sneaking up from behind.

Martin looked a little more concerned….

We ushered everyone inside — after releasing the worms in their new habitat — with a few moments to spare. Just in time for the next stormy wave.