Blackie Returns

Cayden, the wanna-be Crocodile Hunter, made a great find a few days ago.

Blackie is back on the scene.

Head shot of Blackie’s former self

No, not Blackie the Sheep. Blackie the Snake (yes, we lack originality.)

Snake skin proportions

In past years we’ve briefly spied Blackie or at least stumbled on signs of his presence: bits of moulted skin. But this week Cayden discovered “Blackie’s endoskeleton!” as he put it. In on perfectly preserved piece, from the thinest tip of his tail to the eye holes on his head. The whole enchilada. And now, we can confirm that we share our house with a 5-foot-long, free-roaming black snake.

And that’s another worthy detail. Cayden’s find was not the result of a puddle splunking or earthworm collection efforts. The Boy spotted the skin in the cellar, draped over a pipe above the kids’ drawing easel.

That’s right, Blackie lives in the vicinity of kids’ play area. Fortunately he’s very low profile. Rather hermit-like. And our agreement: we respect his privacy and he quickly dispatches with any field mice who dare to sneak inside. In the last five years, this system has functioned quite well.

I guess that Blackie’s earned a spot on the blog’s cast of characters.

Blackie, or one of his cousins, years ago, by the barn