Drink in Spring

 We’ve officially emerged from hibernation.

Shed our winter coats, kicked off the blankets and crawled out of the cellar. (Those crazy, drenching storms factored into that final step as water seeped in the basement, chasing us to higher ground).

Saturated ground or not, it was time to venture out. On a particularly warm evening last week, we wandered up the drive and turned right — right into the neighboring hay field. Armed with a few drinks, a bag of pretzels and Bob Marley on the radio, we commandeered the field and watched the sunset.The kids, temporarily stunned by the lack of mind candy (hey, where’s the tv??) actually resorted to entertaining themselves — namely, treating Martin like a mobile jungle gym. (He attempted to flee but they hunted him down.)

If you can stretch out in a cool, dry patch of spring grass and drink in the sun, I highly recommend it. It’s quite relaxing…if you escape the pouncing little people.