As I draft this I’m airborne, with Dallas 600 miles in my wake. Supposedly, we’re cruising over Memphis and the flooded Mississippi River, but all I see below are clumps of clouds that look like curdled milk in the faded light.

East Texas.  How do I sum it up?

Long stretches of empty road, baptist churches, friendly people, RV sales lots, gun stores, barbed wire, fast food-clustered towns, ramshackle houses, cattle swishing flies, and sprawling ranches marked by grand entrances.

Of course there’s a lot more to Texas, but I’ll sum up my days with these snapshots. (To you blog-emailers, these photos might be too big for you. If so, visit www.joannemeszoly.com.)

Iconic Texas…

A simple place to eat with an even simpler name:

Health food: be sure to eat your veggies.

Educational opportunities:

One FM (farm to market) route after another:

No credit cards at this gas pump:

Not particularly noteworthy, but this place made me salivate for a beer:

Spreading the word of God…

….to a captive audience.