Sac Town

On the road and back again. Destination: Sacramento.

This trip did not yield a stack of photos that smacked of local flavor like my jaunt to East Texas. But in defense of central Cal, it didn’t get a fair shake. In Texas, I kicked up dust and spit gravel on back country roads; in Sacramento I shuffled between a weary hotel and the Western States Horse Expo.

Western States was decidedly… Western.

And decidedly Californian.

I do love California’s quirky “we-sell-booze-anywhere” laws. I always forget until I’m hunting down dental floss in a drug store and run smack into a wall of glittering bourbon bottles.

This time around I was shopping for shampoo and snack bars in Walmart when I stumbled on acres of alcohol.

It turns out that Walmart really does roll back prices.

At checkout, I couldn’t help but snap a photo of the OceanSpray combo pack “juice for kids/vodka for Mom & Dad.” It gives new meaning to the family pack.