Verboten Until 2021

Hadley’s shrieks are audible on the back porch, warbling from the car. Not the cries of pain or fear, just hearty bawling fueled by despair.

I peer at Hadley, who’s collapsed in her car seat, sobbing uncontrollably. Cayden’s paging through a dino book.  “What’s wrong?” I ask.
Hadley raises her tear streaked face and wails:  “EVERYBODY’S RUINING MY LIFE!
Okay kid, first of all, you’re 3 years old.
You don’t have a life yet. 
And secondly, can you be a little more specific? 
Why don’t you check back with us when you’re a teenager. Then it’ll probably be true. 
Most likely, you’ll be ruining my life as well.