Summer Snap

I harvested these berries from our garden last week. The blueberries are not especially prolific but they’re easy pickings; just pluck them off their stubby branches. The raspberries however, dwell in the shaded tangle of grapevine leaves and prickly vines, so they require a hunt-and-seek approach. I either squat down or bend at the waist and look upside down… then thread my hand between the prickles and aim for the bright red berries, leaving the whitish-pinkish ones to ripen.
The result? A tumbler full of fresh fruit. I resisted the urge to tip the glass to my mouth. Instead, I deposited my bounty into the rusted ice cream cannister and cranked out a fabulous batch of berry ice cream….
…which didn’t stick around long enough for a photo. But trust me…it was so good….