Maisie’s Got Issues

Everyone in our family has issues.

Martin glops peanut butter and ranch dressing on his ramen noodles.

And he cuts what little hair he has with horse clippers.

I’m phobic about using anything new. It took me months to turn on my new ipod and a half year to plug in my first kindle.

And then there’s Maisie.

Maisie is not a fan of thunder. The first burble and she assumes the “we’re gonna die” position behind the toilet.

She also likes to hang onto to something when she’s riding in the car. Crack open the car door and she leaps in, grabs the first thing she sees, and refuses to relinquish it.

I think it’s her way of justifying her presence. As in, “I’m busy holding this so I need to be here….Hey you over there. Don’t look at me. Just drive.

Her preferred item to clutch? It’s based solely on convenience…or the filth and clutter level in the car. If it’s in reach, it’s fair game.

Nothing is too small.

Or too large.

She didn’t eat this granola bar. She just hung onto it.

She left tooth marks in the trim of my Coach wallet…

And in this crocodile too.

Her selection isn’t always appreciated by other occupants in the vehicle….

Relax Hadley. Maisie’s not going to chew your dollie’s arm off.

She just has issues.

Post Script: For those of you who think that these scenes were staged with props — in an effort to snap some cute pixs — I assure you that these were everyday occurrences, captured with my iphone. Many of these items, such as the $10 bill, were resting in the center console, in easy reach.
I would not mar my wallet for the sake of this silly blog…