Back In Time

We are by no means living “off the grid.” Not even close. But we are creeping back in time, in the nook and crannies of everyday life.

It’s not just the hand-cranked ice cream… which, by the way, is a grueling test of endurance, patience and brute force. Each time I pack that wooden pail, brace my knee against the edge, and grit my teeth, I think, I’m not going to make it. This is too hard, I quit. Then 12 minutes of cranking later, voila, glorious ice cream.

But it’s not just dessert.

One evening last week, Martin caught me lying stomach-down on the hallway runner… swinging my legs back and forth, and twisting a lock of hair around my finger. I was on the phone.

It’s the only home phone that hasn’t fried, thanks to thunderstorms and the un-repaired short in our line. It’s a corded phone that roosts in the kitchen.

Perhaps a corded phone doesn’t sound too radical. But think about it: When were you last tethered to one spot by a phone?

At times it’s impossibly annoying. Sometimes while raiding the fridge, the phone bungees off the counter and crashes to the floor. And when I’m on, I can’t leave the kitchen to help with the kids or do any chores.

On the other hand, I can’t leave the kitchen to help with the kids or do any chores. And the short leash limits the length of my conversations.

And on an entirely different topic, we’re taking another step back in time.┬áStarting this week, our milk and yogurt will be home-delivered by a local dairy.

It’s not totally ’50s living — orders are placed online — but the milk comes in glass bottles. And we’re not aiming for nostalgia. We’re shooting for convenience. And taste. Whether it’s due to the milk itself or the bottling, it tastes better than store-bought.

A couple of weeks ago we checked out the dairy and the cows responsible for our milk. We stopped by in the afternoon when it was time to feed the calves. The baby cows, as I call them. They were voracious eaters…

…so voracious, they sucked the milk off each other’s tongues.

Afterwards we sampled the product in ice cream form.

It was Hadley-approved but it won’t be part of our weekly delivery.

For the time being, the hand-crank is still in business.