Martha’s Vineyard Recap

A family beach vacation is like a clock pendulum that swings back and forth between “this is totally exhausting,” and “I want to bottle this moment.”

It’s an awful lot of kids charging along the sand, piling into the car, careening around the house… and everyone prepping food, eating food, buying food, opening wine, drinking wine, buying wine…

One morning I tried to bury myself in a book and discovered Brynn, chugging Martin’s can of Red Bull, pale pink droplets still dangling from her chin.

Despite the chaos, it was great to spend time with family and tug ourselves free from farm life. We soaked up Martha’s Vineyard — scoping out fresh veggies and taste-testing jams at the farm market, shopping in town, hanging out on the beach, tucking into lobsters at sunset, and swapping stories with family and friends.

Flowers for sale

Among the sun and fun, we couldn’t escape a few stressful moments. Hadley wandered off — once from the house and a day later, at the farm market. Brynn seemed hell-bent on hurling herself down the steep, stone staircase on the hillside near the house. And Cayden suffered a full-blown allergy attack after Hadley fed him a nut-laced chocolate cluster. Miles from a pharmacy, we double-dosed him with Claritin and bathed him. But he screamed as welts sprouted on his legs and back. Ultimately, Martin submerged Cayden in the ocean; the salt water shocked the itch out of him.

But enough about these less savory memories. I’d rather think about the slam of the screen door, the rumble of waves at night, the twinkling lights of Cuttyhunk Island, the flickering fireworks above the tree line, and the parade of sailboats visible from our bedroom window.

Below, pictures from the week. For starters, the house:

Our house on the hill

Dining room and part of the living room
Ye old kitchen
One of four bedrooms

Other Vineyard snaps:

Local residents cropping green

Our little beach, visible atop the beach stairs

Silliness beach-side

Strolling among farm market stands

The general store
A little rock wall, built on the beach
Beating the waves
Just plain beat!