In the path of destruction

On Tuesday at 1:51 pm, a powerful, 5.8-magnitude earthquake ripped through the East Coast. Martin was eating lunch, watching Sport Center when the disaster struck. I was picking up school supplies and driving back to work. The kids were… well, doing whatever it is that kids do.

The shaking and rumbling lasted only 20 seconds.

But the devastation will linger far longer.

The mighty wrath of the quaker ripped at the silo roof, chewed it up and spit it out.

And the violent shudders shook the house, to the very fiber of its being.

Oh the devastation! The humanity! The terrifying force and senseless wrath of nature! In just 30 seconds our world was turned upside down by an unforeseen disaster the likes of which has never–

–ah, forget it.

The silo’s been banged up since we bought the place. It’s always looked that way.

And the kitchen devastation? I think that’s due to another natural disaster: Martin’s mid-day slovenliness.

Kidding aside, we are experiencing at least one post-quake oddity. When I bathed the kids last night, I was impressed that the new Spongebob Squarepants Tangerine-smelling bubble bath kicked off such a strong orange hue. The kids looked like they were bathing in a vat of Tang.

But then I went downstairs to fill the dog’s water dish and realized that Spongebob had nothing to do with our tang-colored water. The water from every tap bears an earthen hue. And bits of sediment have settled at the bottom of the toilet bowls.

How long is this going to last?

Maybe it’s not so wise to mock Mother Nature…

Follow up: We are not the only recipients of the Tang-water. Apparently the earthquake damaged the edge of the¬†aquifer, causing silt to enter the groundwater and quite a few neighbors have cloudy orange water this morning. It should clear up in a few days but it’ll clog the traps and filters that catch silt and sediment in our water supply. What fun!