Back-In-Time Berry Stop

There are plenty of pick-your-own farm stands along the Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

But I doubt many have the vintage feel of Swanton Berry Farm.

I wish I could say that we discovered this place by ourselves, but the travel book gets credit for this find.

Once we walked in the door, I wanted to stay all day.

Swanton’s is chocked full of antiques and old books, photos and games that look like they’ve been crammed on the shelves for 50 or 100 years. But the girl brewing tea admitted that she’s been trolling flea markets and yard sales to stock the sitting area. A lot of the puzzles and books have been propped against the white-washed walls within the last year or so.

In the end, who cares if the vintage look is fabricated or legit? I was ready to shrug off my bag, settle in a chair and sink my teeth into strawberries and pie.

As for the collection of ’60s board games and puzzles? The communal sitting area made anything modern — aside from a digital camera — seem flat-out criminal.

Flash cards…not exactly a barrel of fun, but these dated back to 1958

But the best part was the cashier, or the lack-there-of. Though they sell shirts, kitchen goods and heaps of baked goods, the whole place operates on the honor system.

It doesn’t get much more vintage than that.