Vacation Continued; Hotel Upgrade

After we spent the first couple nights of our vacation “luxury camping” — sleeping in a canvas cabin and sharing a communal bathroom — Martin promised that we’d relocate to posher digs. I really didn’t mind the tent too much, but I was ready to exchange the bathhouse hike for lavish living.

Fortunately, once we crossed this…

We swapped out this…

for this.

The B&B was simply called “The Farmhouse.” But it was unlike any farmhouse that I’d ever stayed in. Check out the fireplace which warmed both the bedroom and the private deck outside.

The room was palatial but tastefully decorated. Comfortable and luxurious but not ostentatious. After three nights, and possibly the tastiest meal I’ve ever consumed, Martin had to pry my hands off the door knob at checkout. I wanted to throw a Hadley-sized temper tantrum but instead quietly whined and dragged my feet until housekeeping gave me a funny look.

I finally retreated to the car, but not before filling my pockets with lots of fancy soap that was available at the reception area. Guests were encouraged to cut off a bar sized wedge from the soap slab. I left a few slivers but otherwise hijacked the whole soap.

So when I’m sudsing at home, smelling the lavender aroma, I’ll think about that¬†luxurious Farmhouse, the bed, the soaking tub… while I’m picking stinkbugs out of the drain in my¬†ratty old farmhouse.