Vacation, the Final Chapter

Martin and I have been back from vacation for 10 days, but I still think longingly about it. The highlights:

….watching the sun set over the beach, while some random guy beside me pulls out a pipe and tokes up.

….strolling through Golden Gate Park and snapping photos. Until some scruffy girl sticks her mug in front of the lens and asks: “ya need weed?”

…weaving through the shops and bars in Haight-Ashbury, inhaling that sweet marijuana haze.

Only the first two are true. I made that last one up.

Come on folks….. roving potheads? That’s not a vacation highlight.

Truthfully the chart topper in our seven-day, kidless, stinkbug-free, luxury-West Coast jaunt, had to be The Vineyards.

Three days, immersed in picture perfect Sonoma Valley.

 Neither of us are true wine connoisseurs, but who cares? It’s sunny, it’s beautiful, it’s 10 am, time to start sampling vino!

We played the part and faked some basic knowledge about flavor and spices. Tannin and acidity. (Martin’s recycled catch phrase after a sip: “Well, it’s buttery. And I’m sensing some nuttiness…”).

But almost better than the tastings were the settings. No vineyard looked the same as the one next door. There was a tasting room on a hill, a tasting room in a hill, lush landscaped gardens, renovated homes and lavish manors and mills. All devoted to grape growth and consumption.

Cave dwelling
“What does it take to get some service here?”

“Well, it’s buttery….”

Both of us quickly learned to deposit less savory wines in the dump bucket or risk getting sloshed. And that worked well until day three when we stopped at a vineyard known for sparkling wines. I liked all of them.

A lot.

And just about the time that my head started buzzing, my cell phone did too. It was a text message from work:

Colleague: Do we have a contact for this group?

Me: I don’t care! I’m drunk!!

Colleague: ha ha, you’re no good. Put on your thinking cap and get back to me tomorrow:)

Me: Never! You’ll never take me alive!

Colleague: Ha ha…

Me: Everyone! Listen to me! Drink more wine!!

I continued along this vein until my cell signal started flagging. Maybe the phone sensed a user error.

Hey Martin! Guess who!

Looking back, I harbor no guilt for my fleeting but boozy demeanor.

I was on vacation, for pete’s sake.

And quite conveniently, I happened to have quit my job before this trip.

But that’s another blog entry.

For the time being, I’ll hang on to the holiday memories. Even though there’s no shirking real life. Now when Martin says, “I’m sensing some nuttiness,” he’s talking about the kids.

Not a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.