Carriage House Beautification

Hello, everyone. I want to thank the tens of thousands of faithful readers who’ve mourned my blogging absence and begged me to resume writing.
Your prayers have been answered. I’m back, after 13 long days.
So much has happened — a stack of blog-worthy stories, which I’ll sum up as follows:  
We thought that we were going to buy another house and sell our own. But then it turned out that we aren’t and we’re not.
There you go, two weeks of drama — cleaning, contracts and chaos — condensed into two sentences.

Now let’s move on to the carriage house.

I don’t know why it’s called the carriage house since there’s no door remotely wide enough to accommodate a carriage. Horseless or otherwise. But it’s always been called that. Perhaps because “carriage house” sounds cooler than “tool shed.” 
In 2004 we referred to it as the garage, because there wasn’t a TV reality show called “Carriage House Takeover.” But Discovery Channel was set to air a half-hour long show featuring a host and cast of characters who tackle cluttered garages, smash the contents, and converted the spaces into hip hangouts like a music studio, an Italian wine cellar, a man cave and a bird caller’s paradise (seriously, that was an episode).
A friend tipped me off that Discovery was trolling for suitable spaces. Via email, I pitched a plan to convert our “garage” into a ride-up bar. A production assistant scouted the site and voila, we were slated for Garage Takeover.

Filming took place over three days in August with a flurry of construction and activity. We tripped over lighting tripods and wires that snaked across the lawn. On camera Martin served as comic relief, gamely drinking the contents of a nasty bottle unearthed in demolition. On day 2, he piloted a mammoth trenching machine and immediately severed the carriage house power line.

After 72 hours of filming and construction, the crew revealed the finished product, packed up their van and bellied up to the bar.

But that was in ’04. This summer I noticed that the bar had suffered our mild neglect and too much attention from insects, weather and wildlife. So we invested in major repairs, recently completed. (Sorry kids, Santa’s sack is going to be light this Christmas.)

Unfortunately Garage Takeover photos predate this laptop, and the episode never made its stamp on the internet. But I took a few exterior “before” pixs a few weeks ago, seen in this blog post. And below are the after photos. (My regular camera is on injured reserve so these are via my iphone, hence the mediocre quality.)

If you’re around, stop by for a drink!