Junk Mail

It’s no secret that magazines and publishing companies acquire mailing lists to bombard potential subscribers through direct mail marketing. Renting lists and exchanging consumer information is big business, especially among the publishing industry.

But I’m intrigued: who sold my name and address to Dairy Goat Journal?

What on earth did I buy to wind up on this mailing list?

For once I glanced at the flyer before pitching it.

A special offer only for those who think dairy goats are delightful… Dairy Goat Journal isn’t just an investment in your caprine friends….

Caprine? I had to look that one up. (adjective; of or pertaining to goats)

Dairy Goat Journal might become your favorite family magazine simply because it’s interesting and enjoyable!

Boy, that’s tempting. And at $14.97 a year, it’s affordable. But somehow I don’t see myself curled up with the kids to read features such as “Diapers for Doelings” or “The Mechanics for Improving Butterfat.”

For the time being I’ll stick to the mainstream, educational publications. Like People Magazine.