Renovation Gluttony

Have you heard of those people who are addicted to plastic surgery? People who schedule a nose job and then throw in an eyebrow lift, cheek implants and a tummy tuck as well?

That’s how I handle house projects.  
I asked our fix-it guy to stop by and check on a leak above a window. Thirty minutes later I’d scheduled him to fix our roof, build a hearth, replace the rotted barn doors, paint the siding and renovate a bathroom. 
See, this project started as a water spot in the house….
Homes are like people: improve one feature and it’ll make everything else look run-down. 
That’s what I tell myself. 
Of course, of all these little “projects,” the bathroom represents the big financial bite. But it’s been on our critical list for years. There’s a mystery leak in the wall and the bathtub tiles resemble a kindergarten art project — patched together with grout, on grout, on grout. 
Then there’s the vanity. The kids have removed not one — but both — legs that support the vanity. At this moment the bathroom sink defies gravity. 
So I feel justified as I jot down home improvements like most people fill out grocery lists.  
Hang on, I just thought of another project….