Rodent Update

I did not plan to chronicle the extermination of our rodent population. You know… those little stinkers who’ve been digging up our lawn. 

Enough rodent talk last week.
But I had to post this blog to appease Hadley, who was elated — giddy with joy — when she discovered a body in the mulch bed.

“I think it’s a vole,” she said, dragging me over to inspect it.
Really? I thought. A vole?
“I checked his teeth!”
Hmm, okay.
Darn it if she wasn’t right. It certainly looked field-micey to me. 
I don’t know why our kids get so excited when they stumble on the cats’ murder victims. It’s like they’ve found a plastic Easter egg filled with jelly beans.
The only difference? 
They don’t beg me to take a picture of the plastic egg.
So this one’s for you, Hadley. I like to call it, “dead at sunset.”