Spring Breaking It

Sorry gang, for the lengthy blog silence. When too many balls are in the air, the blog gets benched.

Last week we embarked on a family vacation. Where to? Florida, of course. Spring break central.

Virtually any Florida-bound family heads to Disney. I guarantee that every child on our flight to Orlando was Magic Kingdom-bound.

But not us. We were destined for another attraction.

“Are you going to DisneyWorld?” another mother on the plane asked our kids.

“No, Gatorland! We’re going to Gatorland!” Cayden crowed.

The woman’s children stared back blankly. Gatorland? the boy’s face seemed to say?¬†Freak...

And this is our second visit to Gatorland, after taking Cayden as a 2 year old (and Hadley as a newborn).

It is — like any theme park — crowded, hokey and pricey. But it has a homey, family-run flavor rather than a slick, corporate sheen. And I guess I’d rather wander the alligator capital of the world than swim among the masses in the mouse house.

More to come tomorrow…