Bathroom Rehab

After witnessing the bathtub shed its skin, one tile at a time.

After gazing at toothpaste globs of caulk clinging to the shower wall.

And mapping the evolution of water stains on the ceiling.

After chronicling the sink’s double-leg amputation.

And repeatedly fishing for the broken water faucet knob in a tub of soapy water…

….we’re finally renovating the hall bathroom.

“I can’t believe that the shower wall didn’t fall in,” the contractor marveled on demo day. With just a few taps the tiles rained down like shattered glass.

Now the entire house is bathed in a fine powdery dust. I don’t know how this fall-out managed such a remarkable journey (we have no air ducts) but it’s on every surface in every room.

Unfortunately, I did not snap any “before” photos prior to the sledgehammer session. But I pulled this one from the archives. Circa 2006, in Cayden’s bald-baby stage…. and when the sink still had legs:

You’ll note in the first photograph: a window has been entombed in the shower wall for decades. Before the days of indoor plumbing, this marked the end of the hallway.

The window is here to stay.