Lamp it up

Gaze around our house and you might notice that our decor teeters between half-decent antiques and cast-off, college-era furniture.

Our couches are especially beaten and saggy. One, we purchased from a grad student bound for New York (back when we were engaged). It’s quite a clunker and 14 years ago, the girl had the sense to set it free for $35.

Standard college fare

While our couch collection is over the hill, our lamps hold the title of shabbiest. We’ve got several of those cheap halogen lamps mounted on flimsy, tilting stalks. At least one dates back to my college dorm room. A few months ago, the little plastic dimmer knob fell off.

I think that Brynn ate it. 

Anyway, that particular floor lamp finally up and quit, so I set out in search of a replacement. Something more substantial and stylish.
Unfortunately, the lamps that made the grade cost $350 or more. Three-fifty? I couldn’t muster the courage. I imagined buying some beauty, then watching one of our monsters tackle it to the ground.
After several stops at lighting stores, I ducked into the Salvation Army where I spied a possible candidate. It wasn’t fancy but the lamp looked age appropriate for our house. And it cost $20. 
At home I dragged Martin to admire it. “What do you think? I like it!” I added before he could answer.
“Yea, I do, too. It looks like the light upstairs in the red room.”
“I can see that,” I said, backing up to study it.
“No, I mean that it’s the exact same lamp as the one upstairs.”
“It’s similar, but it’s not the same.”
“Oh yes it is.”
I sprinted up the stairs. In the guest room stood virtually the same lamp.

Apparently when it comes to decor, I have a certain taste.

And at long last, my grandmother’s old lamp has found a mate. 

My Salvation Army salvage
The family hand-me-down upstairs